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Kelly Crane Celebrates 35 Years as a Financial Advisor

Our Founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer, Kelly Crane, celebrates 35 years as a financial advisor and tactical wealth manager.  

For more than three decades, he's helped friends old and new, local nonprofits, and generations of families plan, build, and preserve their wealth.  

In addition to being a genuinely nice guy, Kelly truly cares about and looks out for the best interests of each of his clients. He fosters an environment in which each client represents a personal relationship, not just an account, and he's driven to help clients plan, build, and preserve their wealth for the long game—through multiple generations.  

As a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), Kelly brought the tactical analysis of large institutional investors to individual clients many years ago. With his advanced studies and experience, he’s been able to offer expert advice for each of his clients' unique situations.  

All of this translates to 35 years of helping families pursue their goals—with a lot of heart.   

We asked Kelly his thoughts on his career anniversary:

I invite you to explore our site to learn more about our tactical asset allocation investment strategy

Kelly Crane, CFP®, CLU, CFA, MBA
President & Chief Investment Officer

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What a blessing it’s been! My hope is that we’ve made a lasting financial difference in the lives of all those we’ve partnered with. We’ve walked through countless celebrations with our clients—birthdays, anniversaries, and retirements—and just as many difficulties: loss of a loved one, loss of a career, even the loss of a client. Through it all, I’m proud of the team we’ve built: one that views clients as family, is driven to help them reduce needless loss and risk, and is always available and accessible.” 

Earl has a a broad array of complex financial-planning scenarios and has an ability to screen investment opportunities in order to create portfolios that more closely track the client’s risk and return profile.Robert possesses substantial experience in creating complex financial plans and reports that both integrate intricate tax and investment scenarios and model future cash flows.Our clients enjoy the personal, attentive service of a boutique firm, coupled with institution-level, tactical investing and personalized financial planning. You can expect regular phone calls, updates, and questions.Currently a CFA Level II candidate, Gulia Beisenova possesses extraordinary analytical and communication skills that transfer well into both tactical portfolio management and personalized financial planning.

Earl Knecht, CFP®
Vice President & CFO

Robert Mauer
Financial Services Coordinator

Sara Aikman
Director of Client Relations & Operations

Gulia Beisenova
Associate Portfolio Advisor

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