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Napa Valley Wealth Management - St. Helena, CA

Wealth Management Resources

Get to know our wealth management approach. Below you'll find the core elements of our strategy with each of our clients: a personalized Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement and our tactical investment strategy and forward-looking forecasts.

2021 Key Financial Data Complimentary Download

For all our tax and legal advisor friends, below is a complimentary download of the 2021 financial rate card. Please select the version from our office that is closest to you. 

St. Helena Office


Walnut Creek Office

Download the Key Financial Data Card from our Saint Helena office.


Download the Key Financial Data Card from our Walnut Creek office.

Sample Financial Plan

Sample Financial Plan

Ongoing financial planning is a cornerstone of wealth management. 

A true financial plan is much more than a binder that collects dust. It's a roadmap comprised of a client's personal goals plus our detailed game plan to help them get there. 

It's also an ongoing process. We review each client's results alongside their plan up to four times per year, making adjustments as needed due to changes in their results, life, or goals.

Click to preview a sample of our detailed financial plan then read our financial planning philosophy

Sample Investment Policy Statement

Sample Investment Policy Statement

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a tool used by billion-dollar fund managers to detail a portfolio's long-term return goals, risk tolerance, investment timeline, tax picture, growth needs, and investment constraints.

Clients without an IPS generally do not have specific goals for these areas as the foundation of their investment strategies—regardless of who they are using as an investment advisor. Their investments might be completely inappropriate for their long-term family goals, and they are likely in stock portfolios that are too risky or are creating extra tax liability.

Early on, we brought the tools of billion-dollar fund management to individual investors. Feel welcome to peruse a sample of our Investment Policy Statement.

Click to preview a sample of our Investment Policy Statement, or read more about our tactical investment strategy.

Our Economic, Market & Asset Allocation Forecasts

Stock Market ForecastsQuarterly forward-looking forecasts are an integral part of our tactical investment process. Instead of using a buy-and-hold strategy, we understand that risk changes over time, and we make ongoing, tactical changes to our portfolios to consistently move away from risk and toward opportunities. These changes are based in large part on the forecasts enclosed, which are generated from continually monitoring current and historical data and then forecasting future conditions of domestic and global economies and markets.

Read our latest stock and bond market forecasts.