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Napa Valley Wealth Management - St. Helena, CA

Advisor Teamwork: A Key to Effective Wealth Management

Financial Planning Solutions for CPAs and Attorneys 

When we partner together, our clients truly win. By coordinating tax, legal, and financial work, we can turbo boost a client's ability to accumulate and preserve their wealth.

A Resource for Complex Financial Planning Scenarios

With over 70 years of combined experience, a 99% client satisfaction rate, and a network of trusted colleagues, we can help add value for you and your clients. We work closely with you and a client's other advisors to craft a tax model and cash-flow plan as part of their larger financial plan. We specialize in complex scenarios for business owners, executives, and high-net-worth clients. These include: 

  • Business Owner Solutions: The financial landscape of a business owner is complex. We offer proactive planning strategies to help maximize their profits now, while building toward their retirement and the future of the business. Our services include financial planning, benefit analysis, succession and retirement planning, and insurance.  Read more.

  • Life Transitions: Receiving an inheritance, a change in career, marriage, divorce, or a new family member. A major change in a client's life can significantly impact their short- and long-term financial goals. To help them understand the financial, tax, and legal ramifications, we run detailed analyses of varying scenarios to help them make smart decisions today. Read more.

  • Major Sale or Purchase Analyses: We crunch the numbers to show clients how a major purchase or sale today will impact their long-term goals. These can include purchase of a home, boat, car, or airplane; lease versus buy analyses; and sale of a business. Because smarter decisions now can help clients accumulate wealth. Read more
  • Tax Planning: Proactive tax minimization is crucial to effective wealth management. While tax advisors work on last year's taxes, we're proactively finding tax savings for this year. We've successfully helped high-net-worth and business-owner clients realize substantial savings. In reviewing the latest tax returns line by line and incorporating current-year tax-law changes, we create detailed tax plans that bridge a client's investments, business structures, retirement plan, business succession plan, insurance, charitable giving, and estate plan. Read more

Advanced Strategies for Your Top Clients

We can help add value to your clients. We'll work with you to craft tax and cash-flow plans that truly help a client plan, build, and preserve their wealth. 

We're available to work behind the scenes should you prefer, running analyses that can help your clients strengthen their fiscal future. Simply call or email us to discuss how we can help.