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Kelly Crane, CFP®, CLU, CFA, MBA

Kelly Crane CFP Chief Investment Officer Napa Walnut CreekChief Investment Officer

Kelly Crane CFP Celebrates 30 Years as Financial Advisor

In the 1980s, my mother lost our entire family nest egg to bad investment advice on a "hot tip." I became a wealth manager, with emphases in financial planning and tactical investing, in large part because of this. I wanted to help families build their wealth, manage risk, and aim to keep more of what they'd built.

In essence, I wanted to help hard-working families, executives, and business owners plan, build, and preserve their wealth.

Now, more than 35 years later, this is still the cornerstone of our investment and wealth management philosophies, and I hope it's my legacy as a wealth manager. I want to help clients make smart financial decisions, guard against risk, and build toward their 100-year plan.

Here are the core tenants of my wealth management philosophy:

  1. Invest Through a Financial Planning Lens: Truly personalized and effective wealth management begins with financial planning. We believe in taking inventory of where you are, establishing goals, assessing risks, and creating financial plans that help carry you to age 100. When we invest through this lens, we better understand all the components contributing to your financial bottom line and can adjust areas such as taxes or cash flow—not increase your investment risk—to pursue your targeted return. 
  2. Carry the Correct Amount of Risk: Often investors carry too much risk, but you'd be surprised by how many investors carry too little. Few investors truly understand the level of personal risk required to pursue their goals. The fundamental purpose of our investment philosophy is to help you pursue your goals with the least risk possible. We take risk into account on every single investment.
  3. Wealth Management Is Much More Than Investing: Your bottom-line return is much more than your investment results. It's the sum of your portfolio gains and losses plus your taxes, cash flow, estate planning, and every other area of your financial life. I believe this is a cornerstone to fiscal health. By taking an integrated, holistic approach to wealth management, investors can often pursue their goals and and aim to help reduce risk.
  4. Disciplined, Tactical Investing: We believe wholeheartedly in investment strategies that are logical, are well thought out, and remove emotion from the decision-making process. We highly value research, quantitative analysis, and forward-looking forecasts when making investment decisions. We are not motivated by "hot tips."
  5. Wealth Preservation: We believe preserving your wealth is just as vital to your financial future as accumulating it.

I invite you to explore our site to learn more about our tactical asset allocation investment strategy, but more than anything, I hope you understand that we pledge to place your financial interests ahead of ours—at all times.

Cheers to your fiscal health,


Kelly F. Crane
President & Chief Investment Officer
Napa Valley Wealth Management


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