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Napa Valley Wealth Management - St. Helena, CA

Help with Life Transitions

Financial consultation for a change in marriage, divorce, or job.

Marriage, new vacation home, sale of your business. A change in your life today can significantly impact your short- and long-term financial goals. To effectively build and preserve your wealth, you need to understand the financial, tax, and legal ramifications created from a major change in your life. We work with you and your other advisors to run analyses and map out consequences so you can make smarter decisions today. Here's how we can help.

Major Purchases or Sales

It's all about the ripple effect. Understanding the long-term impact of a major purchase or sale arms you with savvy decision-making power. Taxes, future retirement income, giving, even estate planning: All of these can be affected by the purchase of a new boat or sale of your business. We run the numbers to help you understand the best solution for you and your goals. 

Changes in Your Family 

Marriage, birth, divorce. It's pretty obvious that a change in family impacts most every area of your financial life. We help adjust your overall plans, from tax minimization to estate planning, to ensure your long-term goals are still on track.

Preparing for Retirement 

You've worked hard to build your nest egg. Our job is to help you maximize and protect it, to help ensure what you've built will be there—for all life has to offer—in your exciting retirement years. In over 35+ years of wealth management, we have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of executives and business owners successfully prepare for the retirement life they have dreamed. Let's create a detailed plan that will serve as your retirement, tax, cash-flow, investment-management, and estate-planning road map.

Family Wealth Transfer

Family wealth transfer may not be an emotionally desirable topic, but those who create and annually update their plans feel confident, knowing they are current, tax efficient, and will be hassle free for their heirs. We help ensure your estate's total value is maximized and your assets are managed and dispersed as you desire. 


Receiving an inheritance can be filled with emotional and financial turbulence. Suddenly, you are faced with a barrage of tax, legal, and financial decisions to be made, all during a time of grief. We can help avoid the common pitfalls of receiving a sudden influx of money and make proactive, efficient decisions toward your long-term goals. 

Planning for Education Expenses

It's no secret that education expenses are, well, expensive. We can help set up tax-favorable funds to prepare for your children's or grandchildren's future college.  

Complimentary Financial Planning Investing Consultation

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