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Napa Valley Wealth Management - St. Helena, CA

Investment Policy Committee

The engine behind our tactical investment process.

Our number one investment aim is to help you achieve your personal goals with the least risk possible. We don’t invest in the latest "hot tip" or have a sales manager telling us which stock to sell this month.

We invest in you. 

Our Investment Committee members include:

Kelly Crane, CFP®, CFA, CLU, MBA
President & Chief Investment Officer 

Earl Knecht, CFP®
Vice President & CFO

Gulia Beisenova
Associate Portfolio Advisor

Robert Mauer
Financial Services Coordinator

Our Investment Philosophy: 

Understand History, Invest to the Future

Many years ago, Kelly brought the tactical analysis of large institutional investors to individual clients. With his advanced studies and experience, he's able to offer expert advice to each client's unique financial situation. For more than 26 years, we've used these tools to help our clients pursue more stable returns with less risk. 

Our Investment Committee believes investment decisions should be logical and based on research and quantitative analysis. Here's what you can expect from our team when you invest with us:

  • Use of Quantitative Methodologies: Kelly's Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential is considered the high standard of investment management. It indicates that the advisor has an in-depth knowledge of security types and investment vehicles and that he is highly skilled in quantitative methodologies for analyzing securities, such as assessing their value and identifying their underlying risks.
  • Forecasts of the Future: We don't invest on past performance. Instead, we consistently monitor recent and long-term historical data of key economic, market and asset class indicators. We use this analysis to project where we see markets and economies heading, identifying potential future pitfalls and market opportunities, and invest from there.
  • Risk Mitigation: We analyze risk on every single investment opportunity. 
  • Proactive Rebalancing: We constantly review our portfolios and make proactive tactical adjustments to buy low and sell high.
  • Personal Investing: We take into account your specific investment parameters, such as risk tolerance, return goals, income needs, and tax management on every change to your portfolio. We offer truly personalized investment management. 
  • Dampen Volatility: History tells us that when your portfolio experiences wild swings, your money has to work much harder to keep up. Our investment approach is geared to dampen market ups and downs to help you plan, build, and preserve your wealth.


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