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Napa Valley Wealth Management - St. Helena, CA

Major Purchase or Sale Analysis

Understand how a major purchase or sale can impact your long-term financial goals.

Detailed analyses to help you make smarter buying and selling decisions.

It's all about the ripple effect. Understanding the long-term impact that a major purchase or sale will have on your current and future finances will arm you with smarter decision-making power. Taxes, future retirement income, giving, even estate planning: All of these can be affected by a major purchase or sale. 

Should you buy that shiny new boat? We run the numbers to help you make the best decision for you and your long-term goals. 

Our major purchase or sale analyses include:

  • Purchase of second home, new boat, car, or airplane
  • Sale of your home
  • Sale or purchase of a business
  • Lease versus buy scenarios

We'll help you understand the implications so you can make smart decisions for your future. 

Complimentary Financial Planning Investing Consultation

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