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Napa Valley Wealth Management - St. Helena, CA

Nonprofit Investment Management

Investing Services for Nonprofits

Institution-Level Investing. Custom Reporting. Local Heart.

We understand non-profits. We've served on dozens of boards for incredible organizations that better our local communities, and we consider it an honor to support those who selflessly make the world a better place. 

Whether your organization has $50,000 or $10 million, here's how we can help you effectively steward your donations.  

Smaller Nonprofits New to Investment Management

You've turned a corner: Your organization is no longer in survival fundraising mode and you have excess cash to invest. Our institution-level investment approach can help you ramp up quickly and create a structure and investment strategy for long-term focus. Here's what you can expect when we work with you and your board. 

  • Long-Term Investment Planning: We'll work with your board to create your Nonprofit Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a tool used by billion-dollar endowment managers. Your Investment Policy will outline in detail your organization's long-term return goals, risk tolerance, investment timeline, tax picture, and investment constraints. Creating an IPS forces you to put your investment goals and strategy in writing and to commit to a disciplined investment plan. 
  • Board Investment Education: We know your board members come from a variety of backgrounds and investment experience. We'll help educate them and facilitate your Investment Policy Committee meetings.
  • Accessible Accounts: We'll create long-term accounts that are easily accessible.
  • Custom Reporting: We'll provide custom reporting that helps your board monitor and assess ongoing performance.
  • Cash-Flow Optimization: We understand cash flow can still be priority number one. We'll provide statistical analyses for cash-flow optimization to help your nonprofit operations stay ahead of the game. 

Best yet, we offer discounted fees for local nonprofits. We'll help bring your team and resources together for the common goal of successful outreach.

Mature Nonprofits & Endowments

For organizations with $2 million to $10 million to invest, our tactical, holistic wealth management strategy is unique and well suited. We have more than 30 years of experience helping nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay area. 

  • Institution-Level Investing: Through our tactical allocation strategy, your board can quantify the type of risk and return parameters to generate in your portfolio. With access to unique alternatives, we're able to help you create portfolios comparable to much larger endowments. 
  • Custom Reporting: Your board needs reports that are meaningful decision-making tools, not just a series of charts and graphs. We offer custom reporting, including varying report sets for different board members, and statistical portfolio analysis, including Monte Carlo simulation scenarios. 
  • Investment Policy Committee Facilitation: We understand that boards face varying levels of personalities, experience, and backgrounds. As a local wealth management firm, we'll help your team collaborate and create a process that helps everyone come together for the common goal of making the organization successful.  
Investing Consultation for Nonprofits