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Retirement Planning

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Retirement: One of the Biggest Financial Decisions of Your Life

You've worked hard to build your retirement nest egg. Now, the key is to create a retirement plan for it to fund the lifestyle you've worked so hard for and last through your retirement years.

We've helped hundreds of people retire on their terms. 

Successful retirement means:

  • You don't have to go back to work.
  • Your retirement plan prepares for you to live until you're 100 years old.
  • You clearly understand the return goals you need to fund the lifestyle you want.
  • You know when your spending will tap into your principal.
  • You've prepared for the uncomfortable: health care, estate planning, taxes.
  • You've thought through possible scenarios: taking care of aging parents, increasing inflation, increasing taxes.

Our Retirement Planning Key Components

The 3 to 5 years before you retire can be the most important. Any closer and you'll lose flexibility in areas (expenses and taxes) that can significantly impact your retirement fund. Our retirement-planning approach is comprised of five key components.

  1. Create Your Personalized Retirement Plan: It all starts with a thorough plan that documents your goals, current financial picture, retirement needs, risk tolerance, and the cash flow you'll need to live to age 100. Our detailed analyses and projections will help you clearly see the steps you need to take to help pursue your retirement goals.
  2. Remove Retirement-Income Killers: There are several areas that regularly whittle the principal and income of retired professionals, forcing them to either go back to work or significantly reduce their lifestyle. We incorporate proactive strategies with a goal to help preserve your nest egg from these common retirement-income killers, including taxes, and health care. 
  3. Create Your Personal Investment Policy Statement: An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is your personalized investment roadmap. Used by billion-dollar fund managers, your IPS can help you make non-emotional investing decisions that are in line with your retirement return and income goals.  
  4. Review Frequently: A critical component of our tactical strategy is to review your plan, progress, and each area of your financial picture consistently. We make timely changes according to your plan, not emotion.
  5. Streamline Through Ongoing, Advanced Financial Planning: Ongoing financial planning helps ensure your money is working as efficiently as possible. We'll regularly review many areas of your financial life, including tax-management planning, cash-flow optimization, family wealth transfer, business-succession planning, asset protect and insurance, and changes in family, inheritance. After all, it's about your bottom line, not just your returns.

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